Varsity Mock Trial · State Title – Speech & Debate

Last night, the King’s Speech and Debate team became State Champions! It was the ULTIMATE team effort—as no one individual won 1st in their event, but 17 (!) students made it to State Finals. And the best part? They were happy for each other, and able to celebrate the team accomplishment. A lot of students sacrificed their chances of personal glory to help their friends and teammates—and that makes me as proud as anything. Also, we got to sit and watch awards socially distanced, and they were very happy to see their friends.
Anyone who’s talked to me over the past three years, tried unsuccessfully to get me to hang out on a Saturday, watched me stay at school until 5, 6, 7 at night, or had a text that went without response during the season can attest to the fact that working toward this achievement in a way that is educational, compassionate, student-centered, and community-oriented has been my #1 goal and priority. A high school state championship might seem silly or meaningless to many—but to me, it’s the culmination of a long, challenging, and rewarding process. I love these kids, this community, and this activity—and I am so, so grateful and proud.
A big thank you to all who have supported us, and me, over the past several years—colleagues, friends, family, parents…it takes a village to build a team this special.
State Awards:
Victoria Smith—5th Place DI
Max Kim and Victoria Smith—2nd Place Duo
Keenan Schott—3rd Place Extemp, 6th Place Impromptu
Jay Jang—6th Place Extemp
Dalton Schwab—7th Place Extemp
Mady Taylor—2nd Place HI
Zach Hochstein—4th Place HI
Nick Yi—6th Place HI
Emily Wang—3rd Place Informative
Holly Walworth—4th Place Informative
Meg Travis—6th Place Informative
Danica Barwell—7th Place Informative
Rachael Haberman—3rd Place Oratory
Matthew Machida—4th Place Oratory
Elizabeth Anderson—5th Place Oratory
Sarah Chu—5th Place Program Oral Interp
King’s—1st Place, 70 Points